Cors issue in Laravel and angular application

I have hosted laravel and angular application on two different sub domain

but now getting this error :

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: The ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header contains multiple values ‘*, *’, but only one is allowed.

CORS Middleware:


namespace AppHttpMiddleware;

use Closure;
use IlluminateHttpRequest;

class CORS
* Handle an incoming request.
* @param IlluminateHttpRequest $request
* @param Closure $next
* @return mixed
public function handle(Request $request, Closure $next)
$response = $next($request);
$response->header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*')->header('Access-Control-Allow-Headers', 'Content-type, X-Auth-Token, Authorization, Origin');

return $response;


Route::group(['middleware' => ['api','cors'],'prefix' => 'auth'], function ($router) {
Route::post('/login', [AuthController::class, 'login']);
Route::post('/register', [AuthController::class, 'register']);
Route::post('/logout', [AuthController::class, 'logout']);
Route::post('/refresh', [AuthController::class, 'refresh']);
Route::get('/user-profile', [AuthController::class, 'userProfile']);



namespace AppHttp;

use IlluminateFoundationHttpKernel as HttpKernel;

class Kernel extends HttpKernel
* The application's global HTTP middleware stack.
* These middleware are run during every request to your application.
* @var array
protected $middleware = [
// AppHttpMiddlewareTrustHosts::class,

* The application's route middleware groups.
* @var array
protected $middlewareGroups = [
'web' => [
// IlluminateSessionMiddlewareAuthenticateSession::class,

'api' => [
// LaravelSanctumHttpMiddlewareEnsureFrontendRequestsAreStateful::class,

* The application's route middleware.
* These middleware may be assigned to groups or used individually.
* @var array
protected $routeMiddleware = [
'auth' => AppHttpMiddlewareAuthenticate::class,
'auth.basic' => IlluminateAuthMiddlewareAuthenticateWithBasicAuth::class,
'cache.headers' => IlluminateHttpMiddlewareSetCacheHeaders::class,
'can' => IlluminateAuthMiddlewareAuthorize::class,
'guest' => AppHttpMiddlewareRedirectIfAuthenticated::class,
'password.confirm' => IlluminateAuthMiddlewareRequirePassword::class,
'signed' => IlluminateRoutingMiddlewareValidateSignature::class,
'throttle' => IlluminateRoutingMiddlewareThrottleRequests::class,
'verified' => IlluminateAuthMiddlewareEnsureEmailIsVerified::class,
//'guest' => AppHttpMiddlewareCORS::class,
'cors' => AppHttpMiddlewareCORS::class,



return [

| Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Configuration
| Here you may configure your settings for cross-origin resource sharing
| or "CORS". This determines what cross-origin operations may execute
| in web browsers. You are free to adjust these settings as needed.
| To learn more:

'paths' => ['api/*', 'sanctum/csrf-cookie'],

'allowed_methods' => ['*'],

'allowed_origins' => ['*'],

'allowed_origins_patterns' => [],

'allowed_headers' => ['*'],

'exposed_headers' => [],

'max_age' => 0,

'supports_credentials' => false,


Any suggestion to resolve this issue. Thanks

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