LARAVEL: Is re queue a job is a bad idea?

I would like to know re queueing a laravel job is a bad idea or not. i had a scenario where i need to pull users post from facebook once they integrated there facebook account to my application. i want to pull {x} days historic data. facebook api like any other api limit there api request per minute. i keep track the request headers and once rate limit reached i saved those information in database and for each re queue i check whether i am eligible to make a call to facebook api

here is the code snippet for a better visualization


namespace AppJobs;

class FacebookData implements ShouldQueue
* The number of seconds the job can run before timing out.
* @var int
public $timeout = 120;
public $userid;
public function __construct($id)
public function handle()


The above snippet is a rough idea. is this a good idea? the reason why i post this question is the self::dispatch($user->id); looks like a recursion and it will try until $fbhelper->canPullData() returns true.that probably will take 6 minutes.i am worried about any impact would happen in my application.Thanks in advance

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